Welcome to studirko.com, Croatian website for free education.

Our goal is to provide free education for everyone, regardless of financial situation, from the comfort of your home. All content is completely free and is allowed to be shared in any form with clearly stated guidance to the original page contents. Notifications that we share via our social media will be in one post for both Croatian and English speaking users.

Tutorials on studirko.com are primarily aimed at students and people who want to acquire computer literacy or education, but we are working on variety of shows so anyone can find something to be interested in. If you find any errors (grammatical, logical, semantic…) please report them via Contact form  so we could correct them.

Date format that we use on website is DD/MM/YYYY and for time we use Croatian local time.

Studirko is active from 24.04.2014.

Every Monday we’re publish a video in whitch we announce what you can expect from us in that week. You can watch video updates here.

Why would you choose studirko.com?

There aren’t many websites for free education in Croatian language, and for most of high quality tutorials in English you have to pay. All video tutorials have textual supplements that will help you in repeating and summarizing all that you have learned. We’ll add subtitles on video tutorials so people who have difficulties with hearing can watch them and learn.


All currently available tutorials can be found on link Tutorials. We’re currently working on tutorials for:

  • MS Office (Word, Excell, PowerPoint),
  • HTML5 and CSS3,
  • C# programming language,
  • Pascal,
  • free software etc.


Section Bookworm is divided into three subsections: Books, Comic Books and Around the World.

In Books subsection we’ll post book reviews on monthly basis. Videos will be uploaded last day of the month.

In Comic Books subsection we’ll post video every Thursday. Videos are about comic book related news and reviews.

Around the World is a documentary series. The goal of the series is to educate viewers about various topics through philately and other hobbies. We will publish two episodes per month.

Public Domain

Everything published in this section is in the public domain. That means that it can be used and shared for free! Sections that are currently opened are for demo bands, movies and language courses.


FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions. It’s a set of questions that users often ask. To help you more quickly, and to reduce the number of mails that we receive, read the FAQ before sending us e-mail via the contact form.


If you need any help or you have any questions, criticism or suggestions for improving the website, contact us by using the contact form. Please input all information correctly so that we can reply to you.

Final words

We are opened to all forms of cooperation. If you have any ideas or suggestions – feel free to contact us.

If you want to donate money for the further development of the website you can do so via PayPal by clicking on Donations.

Slaven Špigl